This is Me Before I Come Undone

{December 27, 2012}   TBOA and UFLO are Awesome.

Someone asked me recently when the last time was that I’d heard T&S play anything from their first two albums.  I really had to think about it, because I know it’s a pretty rare occurrence since they pretty much say they’re mortified by their oldest stuff… and I can kiiiiind of understand that with the demo cassettes and definitely the Plunk stuff (lol), but UFLO and especially TBOA are *good* albums!  I don’t know why they think the stuff they wrote back then was so horrible.  Well, I understand their points about feeling like they don’t identify with the songs anymore or feeling like they are more skilled songwriters now and those songs are juvenile, but still, they were talented and that stuff *isn’t* horrible!  Not to mention that it’s just THEM, in the raw, not overproduced and polished or overthinking things… it shouldn’t be a mystery to them why we still love those albums.

Anyway, from my recollection, I’ve only heard a handful of songs from those albums live:

Not With You – So rare!  The Tivoli, Brisbane, QLD 12/14/10  That second verse… oh Sara…

This is Everything – Also at The Tivoli in Brisbane, on the same night!  I’d heard them play This is Everything a handful of times in 2005 but had a crappy camera, and they also played it at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on 2/15/10 (which was SUPER exciting), but in Brisbane they did it on the fly, by request, which never never never never happens, and so it was AWESOME.

The First – Reworked for the Fall 2008 tour as a slow acoustic version and played with Dallas from City and Colour.  Have to admit that the original is one of my very favorites, so I didn’t love this quite as much, but was still super excited that they pulled it out to play at all!

Superstar – Also reworked for the Fall 2008 tour.  After Tegan swore up and down that she hated this song and would never play it again, she endured playing it for three whole weeks.  And miraculously, fans actually stopped screaming for it after that.

My Number – They’ve pulled this out a lot over the years so it’s not *too* rare, but still, who doesn’t love hearing them play it?

Divided – Also not uncommon, but so poignant.  I mean, the first song on their first album about how they almost didn’t do music… watching them play it now just kind of tugs at your heart with how far they’ve come.  Not to mention the literal meaning of it in that they were supposed to be one person and ended up being two… it’s just kind of perfect.  Also, that song is not complete for me without this introduction, which was at one of the very first shows of theirs I ever saw, and I had *never* seen musicians talk like that onstage and was just like, “Holy fuck!!! …I need to see these people again.”  And so it went…

If I could make them play “Come On” for me – the first song of theirs I ever heard – my life would be complete.  😉


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