This is Me Before I Come Undone

So, several weeks ago, I stumbled across this website while trying to build a map for a project at work.  I had (way too much) fun making what I needed to make (which is here, if you’re interested… I’m actually quite proud of it!) and when I was done with it, my mind instantly went to what else I could make maps of!  I made a few of places I’ve lived, places I  liked in DC and Atlanta, and then I couldn’t avoid the thought:  one of all of the Tegan and Sara concerts I’ve been to.

My co-workers called me a total nerd for my complete enjoyment of making the maps, although I more attribute it to my obsessive love of detail (if only my life could be as organized as my YouTube channel…), my preference for having everything where I can see it all at once (hello law school finals flow charts…), my affinity for rainbow colors (my bedroom WAS done in rainbows when I was born), and about 30 free hours with nothing to do while my girlfriend was on a plane back to Australia via Korea.

So.  I’ve never summed up everything quite like this, and I wasn’t even entirely sure exactly how many shows I’d really been to.  Luckily my YouTube channel *IS* the most organized thing in my life (apart from my Flickr page), so that helped tremendously.  I also dug back into the Flickr pics for the first few shows I didn’t take video of, and, as for the very first show, where I don’t even have pictures, well, I had to dig into the online archives for that one.

And so here we have it.  I never meant to publicly admit to exactly how many shows I’ve been to, but after holding on to this for a few weeks I decided that I had too much fun making it not to share.  (Plus, everyone is forever asking me how many shows I have been to, so here, all of you, there you go!)

When you open the map it will at first show just tour routes and the markers for the first shows I went to in 2004.  If you click on the boxes next to the little colored markers on the top right hand side, you can add the markers for 2005, 2007 (nope, no 2006 shows, that would have been the “making of The Con” hibernation…), 2008, etc.  I already had the one show I was hoping to hit so far for 2011 up there, however, my cousin just put her wedding on that weekend, so we shall see.  I may soon be posting hoping someone needs an extra ticket to that one.  😦

Second, go to the “Tour Routes” tab on the bottom left, and you can click on the boxes next to them to make the lines on the map disappear… or you can check out the details of which shows I went to on that tour, the order of the tour, how far apart the shows were, all that good stuff.  🙂

Third, go back to the “Concert Locations” tab, and if you click on the name of each venue, it will bring up a bubble with the details of the venue, links to my YouTube videos and Flickr pictures from that show, and a picture from that show (would have added more pictures, but damn I could have gone on forever).  Also in that venue bubble, you can comment on that particular show (there’s an “Add Comment” link!) or you can comment on the map in general at the bottom of the map.  (I like comments.)

Finally, you can zoom way in on the map to see all of the different venues in each city (think I’ve been to six or seven different ones in NYC, for example).  FUN THING: bring up just the green 2009 markers, click on “Hollywood Bowl” on the left, zoom in until you’re like three bars from all the way in, and click on “Satellite” in the upper right hand corner.  Wicked.





{April 5, 2010}   Hello from Room C6207A

Hello lovelies, I return.  Well, I expected my next post to come from the comfort of my living room and not from a hospital bed, but sometimes you just don’t know where the Good Lord’s gonna throw you (I don’t know why I had the urge to temporarily channel Sarah Palin.  We’ll end that now.)  After 3 days of semi-consciousness I am now sleeped-out and wide awake (although, let’s face it, I’d probably be wide awake anyway) and sitting here eating an Easter cookie from my hospital food dinner.  I appreciate their efforts.  These sugar sprinkles are actually really good.  Anyway, before this past Friday I had never been to the ER, never stayed overnight in the hospital (except maybe for being born??), never had a CAT scan, a spinal tap, an MRI, or been on IVs for more than a few hours.  Tonight I got up to walk to the bathroom and tried to drag my IV pole with me before realizing that for the first time I wasn’t connected.  Freedom!!!  Anyway, chalk those all up to my new learning experiences.  I think I’m good now.

Before you get too worried, I’m okay and going home tomorrow (hopefully).  It seems I had a monster migraine that just wouldn’t stop for two days, and along with fever/chills and all that good stuff I ended up in the ER because the doctors thought it might be meningitis (that and because by that point I couldn’t walk or eat and was curled up in a ball crying).  I’ve since been cleared of not having meningitis (thank god) but was put on a 48-hour IV migraine treatment and have had awful headaches from the spinal tap (they choose the moment I’m lying curled in a ball with a migraine to tell me that this procedure is known to cause headaches, do I consent?  I mean, is that a cruel question or what?  What can you say??)

It’s all been quite an alarming and worrisome experience, and during those hours when I sat in my bed yesterday, staring at the wall because I had no books and nothing to do and my blackberry had died, I contemplated what kind of morons are seriously opposed to health care reform.  At this point, it’s personal!  I feel almost attacked by their attitude.  I’m like a young, healthy, unemployed woman whose brain just suddenly decides to try to escape her skull.  How is this my fault?  And I’m one of the lucky ones… I still have health insurance coverage from my last employer under COBRA (Continued… something something something…) and get help paying for 65% of my premiums as a direct result of last year’s stimulus bill (all those in Congress who opposed the stimulus package can just suck it).  But these premiums aren’t *cheap*… I could buy a few plane tickets with what I pay each month.  And not to mention that that’s not all: I’ll still have to pay for the co-pays and deductibles that will come with 3 nights taking up a hospital bed, a 12-hour ER visit, over 72 hours of IVs, seeing a neurologist, and a spinal tap, chest x-rays, an MRI and a CAT scan.  At the moment I’m trying to avoid thinking how much that is going to be and telling myself that my health is worth it (I know, I know) but it’s still scary.

How many people could be so brainwashed and misinformed that they could seriously be rioting the Capitol against their own self-interest??  I’m sure there aren’t too many people in this country that have a cakewalk with their health insurance company.  If they understood even half of what’s happening they’d be morons to miss how it could be good for them, or at least how it could not possibly be worse than what they already have!!!  (My favorite is the woman resolutely holding her “Keep the government out of my Medicare!”  sign.  Wow lady… I don’t know how much more stupid you could possibly look on national TV.)  And all this junk about “socialized medicine” and raising taxes?  Please.  See above, where I reference just how much I pay per month paying only *35%* of my health care premiums.  And if the taxes I’d have to pay would be more than that?  Cool, it would cover the awesome co-pays and deductibles I’m going to pay ANYWAY.

I remember spending HOURS in a hospital waiting room with the same group of people waiting to be triaged (triaged! Emergency intake!  Key word being *emergency!*  As in people losing it all around us!) and one of them looking up and saying with a straight face and a voice dripping with irony, “Good thing we’re not in Canada, I hear they have like, ridiculously long lines and you have to wait forever to see a doctor………..”  I think we all laughed the driest, most bitter laugh possible in the situation.

So my question is, my Canadian friends, are these frantically-cited woes of red-tape, inefficient, government-run health care at all true?  Or are they, as I suspect, completely imaginary and sponsored by insurance companies?  I really want to know, so that I can have a response to all of the idiocy people over here try to feed you about how much worse it is in Canada.

As for my American friends, if you feel like it, I’d love to hear your worst health care nightmares.  I tend to like hearing about other people’s nightmares.  They make me feel less alone about mine.  Plus people usually seem to actually enjoy being asked.  😉

As for me, I’m going to go to sleep for what is hopefully my last night in this bed that I am paying god-knows-what to stay in, and look forward to returning to my free (that I already pay rent on) bed at home tomorrow.  At least there aren’t knocks on your door every four hours for a vitals check.

Sleep tights.

et cetera