This is Me Before I Come Undone

10 episodes of The L Word that put its importance before its imperfections

I wish I could explain to new baby dykes just HOW FUCKING EXCITING it was in 2002 when we heard (at Atlanta Pride, of course) that there was going to be A LESBIAN TV SHOW.  ABOUT LESBIANS.  OMG WHO EVER THOUGHT THERE WOULD EVER BE A SHOW JUST ABOUT LESBIANS?!?!??  Gay people couldn’t get married anywhere in the US yet… gay sex was still ILLEGAL in 13 states, for fuck’s sake!!!

Everything in this article is so true… especially the fact that no matter how much better the show could have been, the things it did do were groundbreaking and unheard of at the time, and no matter how much you liked or didn’t like the show, you WATCHED it… because EVERYONE ELSE was watching it (even if it was only so they could have ammo to talk about how much they hated it), and because there was undeniable excitement and this feeling that you were absolutely part of something historical and game-changing every time you went to a premiere party or a finale party or a lesbian bar or a big house party to watch each episode (because who on earth actually had Showtime?!??)  I don’t know if there ever has been or ever will be again a time when the entire lesbian community felt so… united? cohesive? familial?  I’m not sure.  We were all experiencing the same thing at the same time, across the country, across the world.  What else has ever done that??  When the show ended, despite how disastrous that final season was, I remember me and my best friend​ somberly trying to figure out what we were going to do with our Sunday nights from then on…

But yeah, despite everything else, the show attempted to tackle so many issues that it was absolutely impressive and exciting (remember when Tasha’s storyline actually happened right along with the momentum of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell getting repealed? Exciting.)  Not to mention that it attempted to tie together so many aspects of lesbian culture… all the way out to Olivia Cruises, Subaru jokes, and Tegan and Sara before anyone even knew who Tegan and Sara were (but I was SO fucking excited when they showed up in Season Three, Episode Eleven. Of course I remember which episode it was. Don’t look at me like that.)  Oh, not to mention the fact that Season Three STARTED with “So Jealous” playing in the background… and how exciting was that back in 2006 when no one knew who they were?!  Exciting.

I think I could probably have a million more thoughts and moments of nostalgia surrounding this… but for now I’ll leave it here, and with the statement that if you’re a baby dyke who hasn’t watched the L Word… you know what you need to do 😉


Tegan & Sara Dream Playlist, Last U.S. Con Tour, September 30 – October 19, 2008 – YouTube

HEYYYYY HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!  Maybe it’s a good time to pull out a project I’ve been working on and am really excited about…

“Would you want to see a three hour Tegan and Sara show?  Oh my god, me too!!!

I made this playlist because Tegan and Sara’s brief three-week Con wrap-up tour in the fall of 2008 is my all-time favorite tour that they’ve ever done (with the spring of 2010 coming in second!)  Why, you might ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  B-sides.  Covers.  Demos.  New arrangements.  Switching up the set list every night.  Old (and I mean ACTUALLY old) songs.  Surprises.  Playing songs they SWORE they’d NEVER play again, because fans bugged them about it so much that they finally caved.  Guest appearances.  Matt Sharp.  Dallas Green.  Hunter Burgan.  Rambling incessantly without caring.  Fucking up songs without caring.  Saying the word “fuck” over and over without caring.  Swearing.  Swearing at each other.  Swearing at the audience.  Not censoring themselves for even a moment.  Talking about sex.  Talking about their sex lives.  Talking about their GRANDPARENTS’ sex lives.  Talking about drugs (often).  Talking about politics (even more often).  Talking about Sarah Palin (could we have gotten them to STOP talking about Sarah Palin?!)  Talking about being gay, and Prop 8, and homophobic fans, and about Dallas being their sperm donor (where I think Sara had one of the most inappropriate moments I think I’ve ever seen her have: “Too far?” “Too far.”)  And HUGGING.  Onstage.  At a time where they still pretty much still never touched each other!  This tour was only three weeks long, but I went to the first show and the last show and a couple in between and the whole thing can be described as nothing short of epic.  Thank god I skipped out of work a few times to go…  (And thank god I didn’t get fired.  And thank GOD I’m not in that job anymore.)

Seriously… if you make it through this playlist, drop me a line.  I want to see if anyone actually accomplishes this!  (And then, if you make it, tell me what you thought of it, so I can edit if necessary!)  A few songs are in there twice, I know… but it’s either because the songs deserved it, the versions were different, or the banter before or after was just too good to leave out.  😉  And after all… I didn’t think anyone would really mind!  Click below to see the “set list”… I can’t believe they alternated between THIRTY-FIVE SONGS during this short tour!  Some they only played once and then not again! Read the rest of this entry »


Randomly… going to see this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  Seeing Tegan without Sara was something else… I think that’s only happened like two (?) other times, and once was not on purpose!  Augusten Burroughs is a funny guy, and watching Tegan banter with someone other than Sara was hilarious… she was on a roll!  She seemed to be terrified of having all of the attention on just her for once while loving it at the same time.  Such a trip.  If you haven’t watched this one, it’s essential.  😉  (And for all the people commenting, “Who is that dude? He needs to shut up!” …if it weren’t for him, this event would not have happened, since they were there because he had asked Tegan to write a song for his audiobook for “A Wolf At the Table!”  Soooo… get off it!)

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