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{May 22, 2015}   Tegan & Sara Dream Playlist, Last U.S. Con Tour, September 30 – October 19, 2008

Tegan & Sara Dream Playlist, Last U.S. Con Tour, September 30 – October 19, 2008 – YouTube

HEYYYYY HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!  Maybe it’s a good time to pull out a project I’ve been working on and am really excited about…

“Would you want to see a three hour Tegan and Sara show?  Oh my god, me too!!!

I made this playlist because Tegan and Sara’s brief three-week Con wrap-up tour in the fall of 2008 is my all-time favorite tour that they’ve ever done (with the spring of 2010 coming in second!)  Why, you might ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  B-sides.  Covers.  Demos.  New arrangements.  Switching up the set list every night.  Old (and I mean ACTUALLY old) songs.  Surprises.  Playing songs they SWORE they’d NEVER play again, because fans bugged them about it so much that they finally caved.  Guest appearances.  Matt Sharp.  Dallas Green.  Hunter Burgan.  Rambling incessantly without caring.  Fucking up songs without caring.  Saying the word “fuck” over and over without caring.  Swearing.  Swearing at each other.  Swearing at the audience.  Not censoring themselves for even a moment.  Talking about sex.  Talking about their sex lives.  Talking about their GRANDPARENTS’ sex lives.  Talking about drugs (often).  Talking about politics (even more often).  Talking about Sarah Palin (could we have gotten them to STOP talking about Sarah Palin?!)  Talking about being gay, and Prop 8, and homophobic fans, and about Dallas being their sperm donor (where I think Sara had one of the most inappropriate moments I think I’ve ever seen her have: “Too far?” “Too far.”)  And HUGGING.  Onstage.  At a time where they still pretty much still never touched each other!  This tour was only three weeks long, but I went to the first show and the last show and a couple in between and the whole thing can be described as nothing short of epic.  Thank god I skipped out of work a few times to go…  (And thank god I didn’t get fired.  And thank GOD I’m not in that job anymore.)

Seriously… if you make it through this playlist, drop me a line.  I want to see if anyone actually accomplishes this!  (And then, if you make it, tell me what you thought of it, so I can edit if necessary!)  A few songs are in there twice, I know… but it’s either because the songs deserved it, the versions were different, or the banter before or after was just too good to leave out.  😉  And after all… I didn’t think anyone would really mind!  Click below to see the “set list”… I can’t believe they alternated between THIRTY-FIVE SONGS during this short tour!  Some they only played once and then not again!

You Wouldn’t Like Me

The Con

I Bet It Stung

Where Does the Good Go

Burn Your Life Down

Walking With A Ghost

I Know I Know I Know

Attempts to sing “Groovy Kind of Love” by Phil Collins

Speak Slow

Not Tonight

City Girl

I’ve Got You/When I Get Up -> Umbrella (Rihanna cover)

Are You Ten Years Ago

Hop A Plane -> Superstar

So Jealous

Political Banter Interlude

Relief Next to Me (Stripped Version)

Knife Going In

Sara tries to play the drums, to Tegan’s dismay

Fix You Up

Not Our Trees

One Second

Call It Off

Love Type Thing

Like O, Like H



Give Chase

Give Chase again (necessary.)

Relief Next to Me (Stripped – you know you wanted to hear it again.)


Living Room

Burn Your Life Down (necessary banter here…)

The First (Acoustic w/Dallas Green)

I Won’t Be Left

Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Fix You Up (also necessary banter!)

Dancing in the Dark (w/Matt Sharp (Bruce Springsteen cover))

Not Tonight (w/Matt Sharp (amazing since he’s covered it!))

I Hear Noises (w/Matt Sharp)

Tired of Sex (Weezer cover w/Matt Sharp)

Back In Your Head (w/Matt Sharp & Hunter Burgan)

Back In Your Head (w/Matt Sharp & Dallas Green)



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