This is Me Before I Come Undone

{April 8, 2010}   This is Why I’m Crazy…

…because I am in Portland two days after being released from the hospital.  Well, the flight was already paid for, and I was also coming to visit my best friend from high school who just moved here from Hawaii (“no shows ever go there,” she says, “and now I’m here… and Tegan and Sara are here… and I’M here… and you’re not going to come?!??”)  The doctors also seemed to think it was okay, “as long as I felt better.”  Sooo…

Two connecting cross-country flights later, I am happy to have spent the whole day in my bed at my friend’s house.  By the end of the flights yesterday I felt like I’d been beaten all across my back and neck… even my ribs and abs were sore!  SUCH a relief to lie down!  I was really worried I would hurt something further, but my doctor reassured me that muscular-skeletal soreness and stiffness  was normal after a spinal procedure like that (I should have remembered from the last time I had needles stuck in my NECK… ugh) so I think I’m okay.  Still happy to be in a reclining bed with cats all day.

Major challenge tonight: Holding up a camera!  Since the aching has spread from my lower back to my shoulders and neck, this ought to be fun.  No guarantees.  At least it’s a seated show.  Wish me luck!


Lizzy Goddard says:

Portland show was last night I think, but enjoy a show for once, for you, without the camera? You don’t owe people anything.

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